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This page is still incomplete. Please help us to write a comprehensive CONTENIDO documentation.


An action is a name for a certain task that should be performed when requesting a page in the CONTENIDO backend.
Tableactions table


Each action is related to an area. Action is a systemwide ressource.


Actions have a name that is often used as a parameter in backend URLs.

Alternate name

Actions even have an alternate name. (TODO what is this alternate name used for?).


In former versions of CONTENIDO even the PHP code that had to be executed when performing a certain action was stored in the actions table. This code is now moved into files in the ROOT/contenido/includes/type/action/ folder. The action code will be executed on every request included the given action prior to the area script that is defined as described in backend architecture.


If an action is flagged as relevant a backend user needs the right to perform it. This requires the actions area to be relevant too.

Check if this is correct!


When an action has been performed it is logged in the actionlog table.

Check if this has further preconditions!