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This page is still incomplete. Please help us to write a comprehensive CONTENIDO documentation.


An area is a name for a set of scripts that should be executed when a certain subnavigation item is clicked.
Tablearea table

Area are used to define a set of backend scripts that serve a common purpose and belong to a subnavigation item. Usually each subnavigation item has its own area. Area is a systemwide ressourse.


Areas can have subareas. A subarea cannot have subareas i.e. the hierarchy is restricted to two levels.


Areas have a name that is often used as a parameter in backend URLs. The script main.php then dispatches the given area to a script from ROOT/contenido/includes/. This requires the script to be mapped to the given area and frame via records in the files table and frame_files table.


If an area is flagged as relevant a backend user needs the right to see it.


TODO Areas can be online.


Scripts for some areas require the whole width of the screen. If so, the left frame can be overcome with setting the actions menuless property to 1.