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Backend customizing is a mechanism to customize various parameters of the backend. There are not many settings you can do, as this mechanism is relatively new. However, this mechanism will be used more and more in the future.

How it works

Customizing Contenido settings is very easy and can be done via the group or user customizing settings.

User settings have precendence before group settings. User settings always override group settings. If the user is added to more than one group, the result is undefined. Make sure that your groups don't override each other. 

Common parameters

Area/TypePropertyValue (Description)Applies to
backendcurrentlogintimeDate and Time when this session has been started (automatically set by the backend)Users
backendlastlogintimeDate and Time when the last session was started (automatically set by the backend)Users
backendpreferred_idclientID of the client which should be selected after backend loginSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
backendleftframewidthDefines the width of the left frame. Standard value is 250.System, Clients, Group, Users
backendsmall-navigation(true, false): If true, a small navigation is shown. Default: falseSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
articlesshow-new-window-checkbox(true, false): If true, show "new window" checkbox for redirects in article properties. Note: If a redirect has been specified, the page is redirected to the new URL using an html page header. As header redirects can't open new windows, this setting is only useful, if a navigation module is used, which mentions the "open in new window" setting and adds a ′target="_blank"′ to the link, if necessary. Default: falseSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
cms_imgdirectory-heightHeight of the directory lister in rows, default 5System, Groups, Users
cms_imgdirectory-widthWidth of the directory lister in pixels, default 300System, Groups, Users
cms_imgfile-heightHeight of the file lister in rows, default 5System, Groups, Users
cms_imgfile-widthWidth of the file lister in pixels, default 300System, Groups, Users
cms_imgdescription-heightHeight of the description box in rows, default 5System, Groups, Users
cms_imgdescription-widthWidth of the description box in characters, default 70System, Groups, Users
cms_imgpreview-heightHeight of the preview area in pixels, default 400System, Groups, Users
cms_imgpreview-widthWidth of the preview window in pixels, default 600System, Groups, Users
imagemagickavailableSet "1" if ImageMagick is available on your server to receive best results when resizing imagesSystem, Groups, Users
modulesjava-editEnable the java module editorSystem, Groups, Users
modulesedit-with-tabs(true, false) If set to "true" you can use the <tab> key to insert tabs in the input and output code areas (IE 6/7, FF 1.5/2). Default: falseSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
modulesdisable-history(true, false) If true, don't use the module history. Default: falseSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
modulesstoreasfilesDefines if Contenido should store modules as text files. THIS IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, ONLY USE IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Default off.System
modulesloadfromfilesDefines if Contenido should load modules as text files. THIS IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, ONLY USE IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Default off.System
modulesforce-menu-checkIf system/modulecheck is enabled, force module check while module list will be generated (instead of using database information). Default $quot;false$quot;.System, Clients, Groups, Users
systemmodulecheckif set to "false" (as string), modules aren't tested for syntax errors (needed for older PHP versions)System
systemlanguageorderIf set to "name", languages in the drop-down (top right) will be shown ordered by name, if not specified or set to something else, languages will be ordered by language id (default)System, Clients, Groups, Users
systemmultiassignIf false, don't allow multi assignments for articles.System, Clients
layouthtmlvalidator(true, false): If true, use the HTML validator. Default: trueSystem, Groups, Users
newsletteroption-cronjob-available(true, false): If true, then a newsletter option can be activated to send the newsletter using cron jobs. Note, that this option should only be used, if a real cron service is available (do not use the Contenido built-in pseudo cron service). Additionally, note, that there is a send job file available in the contenido/cronjobs folder, but it hasn't been added to the cron job list - just generate a real cron job on your server running this file. Default: falseSystem, Clients, Users
newsletterdisable-rn-replacement(true, false): If true, "\r\n" will not be replaced by just "\n" to prevent double lines in mails. This may be a good idea on Windows-Servers. Usually, use the default setting. Default: falseSystem
newsletterremove_base_tag(true, false): Usually every article contains a "e;base href"e; tag. This is nice, as all links, URLs and sources can be relative and we can move the client around, as we like.

But there is a problem with anchors: They only work, if the link to the anchor (on the same page) contains the URL of the current article (e.g. "front_content.php?idart=77#MyAnchor"). This works fine, if you are on the website, but not, if you use anchors in html newsletter articles (as the mail doesn't has this URL).

If you like to use anchors in html newsletters, set this setting to "true" and check everything twice, as also all URLs and source path will be changed by Contenido code. Default: false
If the frontend (the website) is proteced using .htaccess (username/password), you have to specify html_username and html_password to be able to send html newsletters (as html newsletters are just usual articles). Default: empty or not specifiedClient
frontenduserspluginsearch(true, false): If true, the frontend users menu also searches trough plugins. However, searching trough plugins have a huge performance inpact on the list. If you have alot of frontend users, set this to false to disable this function. Default: trueSystem, Clients, Users
frontenduserspluginsearch_valid_pluginsIf pluginsearch is set to true, you can hereby limit the plugins to search over. This property must be a comma-separated list (no whitespaces) of all plugins that should be used for pluginsearch. All other plugins will be skipped to improve performance.System, Clients, Users
generatorxhtml(true, false): Defines if the tags generated by Contenido should be XHTML compliant. WARNING: This does not alter the HTML code in your layouts and modules! You have to revise your modules and layouts to be XHTML compliant. Default: false.System, Clients
generatorbasehref(true, false): Defines if Contenido should automatically insert a base href tag. Default: true.System, Clients
edit_areaactivated(true, false): Defines if syntax highlighting editor is used in backend for modul, js, css and html code Default: true.System, Clients, Groups, Users
systeminsight_editing_activated(true, false): Defines if insight editing is used in article editorSystem, Clients, Groups, Users
maintenancemode(disabled, enabled): In maintenance mode, only sysadmins are allowed to login into contenido backend. Default: disabledSystem
pw_requestenable(true, false): Property definies if contanido is allowed to generate new passwords for backenduser and submits them via mail. Default: trueSystem
systemmail_hostHost which is used for sending system mails (PW-Request). Default: localhostSystem
systemmail_senderSender mail-adress of Contenido Systemmails. (PW-Request). Default: info@contenido.orgSystem
systemmail_sender_nameSender name of Contenido Systemmails. (PW-Request). Default: Contenido BackendSystem
updatecheck(true, false): Update checker notifies sysadmins, if there are new updates for contenido on contenido org. Default: falseSystem
updatenews_feed(true, false): Update RSS News notifies sysadmins, about news on contenido org and security issues. Default: falseSystem

tinyMCE-related Parameters

Starting with Contenido V4.6.16 all tinyMCE settings which may be specified for tinyMCE and the plugins may be specified as system, client, group or user setting. Use "tinymce" as type and as name the name of the parameter according to the tinyMCE documentation.
These parameters can't be set using a setting: document_base_url, file_browser_callback

tinymcecontent_cssDefines the stylesheet to include within tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-stylesheet-file).System, Groups, Users
tinymcetheme_advanced_stylesDefines the available styles in the tinyMCE style dropdown (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-styles)System, Groups, Users
tinymcewidthDefines the width of tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-width, default 100%)System, Groups, Users
tinymceheightDefines the height if tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height, default 480px)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_height_htmlOverrides the tinyMCE height when editing the CMS_HTML element (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height-html)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_height_headOverrides the tinyMCE height when editing the CMS_HTMLHEAD element (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height-head)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_gzipIf set to "true" use gzip compression. The server has to provide the compression method. Default: "false"System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_toolbar_modeDefines the tinyMCE toolbar mode (default "full"). Available choices: full, simple, mini, custom (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-toolbar-mode)System, Groups, Users
Defines which items should be shown on the first/second/third toolbar. Please have a look at the tinyMCE documentation to find out which items you can use (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-toolbar1/2/3). Only used if the toolbar mode is "custom".System, Groups, Users
tinymcepluginsDefines which plugins should be loaded (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-plugins). Only used if the toolbar mode is "custom".System, Groups, Users
tinymcevalid_elementsDefines which elements are allowed. See tinyMCE documentation for more information (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-valid-elements).
Default: +a[name|href|target|title],strong/b[class],em/i[class],strike[class],u[class], p[dir|class|align],ol,ul,li,br,img[class|src|border=0|alt|title|hspace|vspace|width|height|align], sub,sup,blockquote[dir|style],table[border=0|cellspacing|cellpadding|width|height|class|align], tr[class|rowspan|width|height|align|valign],td[dir|class|colspan|rowspan|width|height|align|valign], div[dir|class|align],span[class|align],pre[class|align],address[class|align],h1[dir|class|align], h2[dir|class|align],h3[dir|class|align],h4[dir|class|align],h5[dir|class|align],h6[dir|class|align],hr
System, Groups, Users
tinymceextended_valid_elementsDefined which elements are allowed. These elements are added to valid_elements (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-extended-valid-elements).
Default: form[name|action|method],textarea[name|style|cols|rows],input[type|name|value|style|onclick], a[name|href|target|title|onclick],img[class|src|border=0|alt|title|hspace|vspace|width|height|align|onmouseover|onmouseout|name], hr[class|width|size|noshade],font[face|size|color|style],span[class|align|style]
System, Groups, Users

This setting will be removed in version 4.9.7.

Defines the tinyMCE background color (any valid CSS color value can be used). If you use an HTML hex color code, also include the # sign before the color (e.g. #ffffff). Default is "white" (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-backgroundcolor).

System, Groups, Users
tinymceconvert_urls(true, false): Defines, if URLs will be converted (e.g. to relative URLs) at all. Please note, that URLs should be converted (e.g. for the time you may have to change the domain or server path). Default: true (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-convert-urls)System, Clients, Groups, Users
tinymcerelative_urls(true, false): If convert_urls is true, then this setting specifies, if URLs will be converted to relative or absolute URLs. Please note, that relative URLs should be used (e.g. for the time you may have to change the domain or server path). Default: true (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-relative-urls)System, Clients, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_listsIf specified, adds dropdown lists with links for all articles (Insert Link popup window), images (Insert Image popup window) and/or all media/flash files (Insert Media/Flash popup window). Valid values are: link, image, media, flash. Values have to be separated by a comma, e.g. "link,image".

Do not specify, if you have a lot of articles, images and/or media files (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-lists).
System, Groups, Users

Style-editor, Script-editor and HTML-editor related Parameters

style_editorwrap{on, off} Default off. Defines the wrap attribute of the textarea to edit the CSS file. In case of 'on' the lines will be wraped.System, Clients, Users
script_editorwrap{on, off} Default off. Defines the wrap attribute of the textarea to edit the JS file.System, Clients, Users
html_editorwrap{on, off} Default off. Defines the wrap attribute of the textarea to edit the HTML file.System, Clients, Users
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