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The content type CMS_TEXT provides editor enter the text in backend of CONTENIDO and print stored text in frontend.

CMS_TEXT can be used in several CONTENIDO modules.

The usage is quite simple, put the code below in your output modul section and you are finished.

The name CMS_TEXT specifies which content type should be used and [1] is the index of headline. The index must be integer value.


CMS_TEXT is only plain text editor. If you want edit HTML use CMS_HTML instead of CMS_TEXT.


If you are using more then one CMS_TEXT per article, you have to change/increment index of the next CMS_TEXT.

echo "CMS_TEXT[1]";
echo "CMS_TEXT[100]";

To edit text klick on the pen icon, after input you can store new value by clicking on green check icon.

Methods for CMS_TEXT

List all methods for CMS_TEXT at our API documentation.

Function nameDescription
generateViewCode()Generates the code which should be shown if this content type is shown in the frontend.
generateEditCode()Generates the code which should be shown if this content type is edited.
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