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The table cat_lang contains all language related information about a Category.

Table structure

Field nameField specificationComment / Explanation
idcatlangint(11) Primary key (auto increment)
idcatint(11)Foreign key to table cat
idlangint(11)Foreign key to table lang
idtplcfgint(11)Foreign key to table template_conf
namevarchar(255)Name of the category
visibletinyint(1)Flag if category is visible (online) or not
publictinyint(1)Flag if category is public (not access protected) or not
authorvarchar(32)Username of the articles author
createddatetimeDate and time of creation
lastmodifieddatetimeDate and time of last modification
startidartlangint(11)Foreign key to table art_lang as reference for the start article of the category
urlnamevarchar(64)Alias name of the category

Generic DB information


Convenience methods

The ItemCollection class provides some convenience methods to work on this entity:

create($idcat, $idlang, $name, $urlname, $urlpath = '', $idtplcfg = 0, $visible = 0, $public = 0, $status = 0, $author = '', $startidartlang = 0, $created = '', $lastmodified = '')Creates a category language entry.
getStartIdartlangByIdcatAndIdlang($idcat, $idlang)Returns startidartlang of articlelanguage by category id and language id.
getStartIdartByIdcatAndIdlang($idcat, $idlang)

Returns article id of articlelanguages startarticle by category id and language id.

isStartArticle($idartlang, $idcat = null, $idlang = null)Checks if passed idartlang is a start article.

The Item class provides some convenience methods to work on this entity:

loadByCategoryIdAndLanguageId($idcat, $idlang)Load data by category id and language id
setField($name, $value, $safe = true)Userdefined setter for article language fields.
assignTemplate($idtpl)Assigns the passed template to the category language item.
getTemplate()Returns id of template where this item is configured
hasStartArticle()Checks if category language item has a start article
store()Updates lastmodified field and calls parents store method
getLink()Returns the link to the current object.

Previous changes of this table

This table was not changed since the final release of CONTENIDO 4.9.