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The table dbfs contains the content of the database file system. Dbfs is a client ressource.

Dbfs is a clientwide ressource.

Table structure

Field nameField specificationComment / Explanation
iddbfsint(11) Primary key (auto increment)
idclientint(11)Foreign key to table clients
dirnametextPath of the virtual directory
filenametextName of the virtual file
mimetypevarchar(64)Mime type of the virtual file
sizeint(11)Size of the virtual file
contentlongblobContent of the virtual file
createddatetimeDate and time of creation
authorvarchar(32)Username of the author
modifieddatetimeDate and time of the last modification
modifiedbyvarchar(32)Username of the last modifier

Generic DB information


Previous changes of this table

This table was not changed since the final release of CONTENIDO 4.9.