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The table frontendgroupmembers contains all frontend users.

Frondenduser is a clientwide ressource.

Table structure

Field nameField specificationComment / Explanation
idfrontenduserint(11) Primary key (auto increment)
idclientint(11)Foreign key to table client
usernamevarchar(255)Name of the frontend user
passwordvarchar(64)Password of the frontend user
saltvarchar(32)Personal salt of the frontend user
activetinyint(1)Flag whether the frontend user is active or not
authorvarchar(32)Username of the creator
createddatetimeDate and time of creation
modifieddatetimeDate and time of last modification
modifiedbyvarchar(32)USername of the last modifier
valid_fromdatetimeBegin date and time of time scheduled activation
valid_todatetimeEnd date and time of time scheduled activation

Generic DB information


Previous changes of this table

This table was not changed since the final release of CONTENIDO 4.9.