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The table user contains all backend user.

User is systemwide ressource.

Table structure

Field nameField specificationComment / Explanation
user_idvarchar(32)Primary key
usernamevarchar(32)Name of the user
passwordvarchar(64)Password of the user
saltvarchar(32)Personal salt of the user
permsmediumtextPermission information
realnamevarchar(255)Real name of the user
emailvarchar(255)Mail address of the user
telephonevarchar(255)Phone number of the user
address_streetvarchar(255)Street of the user
address_zipvarchar(10)ZIP code of the users city
address_cityvarchar(255)City of the user
address_countryvarchar(255)Country of the user
wysitinyint(2)Flag for using WYSIWYG editor or not
valid_fromdatetimeStart date for time based activation
valid_todatetimeEnd date for time based activation
last_pw_requestdatetimeDate and time of last password request
tmp_pw_requestvarchar(32)Temporary password
using_pw_requesttinyint(1)Flag for using password request or not

Generic DB information


Previous changes of this table

Field nameOld field specificationNew field specificationChanged version