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The frontendlogic plugin is able to include certain fields for the permissions of frontenduser groups.

Per default, there is a subplugin which adds the possibility to select protected categories, which are allowed to view by a frontenduser group.Old plugin which was used to check category rights

Pseudo plugin

This plugin is a pseudo plugin. This means it is not really a plugin, because it has no plugin.xml and can not be managed via the plugin manager. It remained after porting the normal plugins to the plugin structure. Because this plugin is technically a set of subplugins relating to one topic, it was not ported to the official structure and is included and active everytime.


A frontendlogic subplugin must add a new directory with a unique name in the directory plugins/frontendlogic. The name of the folder must also be the name of a PHP file, which later contains a class. This class must be named "frontendlogic_NAME" where "NAME" is the name of the directory / PHP file. The class must extend the core class "FrontendLogic" and implement the following methods:

Method nameDescriptionExpected return value
getFriendlyNameReturns the name of the sub pluginsstring
listActionsReturns an array with actions to managearray
listItemsReturns an array with the items to managearray

For an example, have a look for frontendlogic/category/category.php

Plugin configuration

Plugin configuration values can be defined as key value pairs of the array $cfg['plugin'].

$cfg['plugin'][<name>] = <value>;