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This page guides you through an installation of CONTENIDO. For an upgrade, please have a look at the Upgrade guide.

Trouble during installation?

If you have any trouble during the installation, the community in the support forum at may answer your questions.

System requirements

CONTENIDO requires at least multiple settings and packages on your server to work correct. For a detailed list of system requirements, please have a look at the System requirements page.

Download and unzip latest version of CONTENIDO

Get a copy of the latest download release archive from the website Do not use other sources for downloads! Unzip the archive to a destination of your choice on your computer.

Upload system files

Upload all directories from your unpacked download archive to a directory on your webserver. Please ensure, that this destination is accessible from the web.

Change directory permissions

Change the access rights for the following folders:

  • data/
  • cms/cache/
  • cms/data/

to rwxrwxrwx. (i.e. chmod 777 cms/data/)

New directory permissions since CONTENIDO 4.9.13

Since CONTENIDO version 4.9.13 you have to set chmod permission 755 instead of 777. PHP must access the files as owner. Please respect also the owner permissions (chown) for your directories.

Executing setup interface

Open the setup web interface by visiting "setup/" of your installation. Choose setup type "setup" and proceed with the process. 


When you are asked for entering the database credentials you can define an unexisting database name only if the configured user has the privileges to create a new database. If the user has not sufficient rights, please create the database manually!

Navigate through the whole setup process. Do not forget to note your entered administrator password for the user "sysadmin".

Test backend login after upgrade

If the setup process was successful, try to login into the backend with your entered password. The system now should be ready for you. When you encountered any problems during installation, please have a look into our support forum on Maybe other persons did have the same problem and you can find a solution for this problem there.


It is highly recommended to delete the complete "setup" directory after the successful installation.

Take over recommended .htaccess file

Rename "contenido/.htaccess_recommended" to "contenido/.htaccess" or takeover it's content into an existing .htaccess file (significant only for Apache HTTP-Server).


Version notice

This is only relevant if you use CONTENIDO version 4.9.13 or newer

CONTENIDO configures automaticly "SMTP" as transport type for your mails. But before it works, you have to configure the login informations at backend. Please go to the menu item "System" and "Configuration" to configure your SMTP mail server. If you do not want to use SMTP as mail transport type, you can choose alternatively "PHP mail".