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The navigation consists of the main- and subnavigation.
Tablenav_main table
Tablenav_sub table
The navigation consists of the main- and subnavigation. Navigation is a systemwide ressource.

As you might have seen, the CONTENIDO backend navigation consists of two rows of hirarchical items:

The upper row is the mainnavigation whereas the lower is called subnavigation. Several subnavigation items can be related to a single mainnavigation item. The database schema shows that a mainnavigation item is not related to areas but subnavigation items are! Subnavigation items have URLs that look like:


When clicking a subnavigation item all four (better five) frames are reloaded. In each frame the script is called that is configured (via record in table frame_files) to be displayed in the given frame for the given area.

For each mainnavigation item a location is stored as an XPath expression describing where to find its caption in the navigation.xml file.

This file can be found in ROOT/contenido/xml/ and contains a structure of CONTENIDOS main- and subnavigation and calls to the i18n function which allows for translating the navigation item captions.