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The plugin manager is a new web interface in the backend to easily manage, install and activate plugins to extend the functionality of CONTENIDO.

To be able to install plugins via the new backend interface each plugin must have a special structure. For more details please have a look on the detail page for plugins.

Not installed plugins

The section "not installed plugins" contains plugins in the CONTENIDO plugin directory, which are located in the filesystem, but not installed (only uploaded and extracted or uploaded via FTP).

 Updating a plugin 

Plugins are currently updated by uninstalling the old version and installing the new one.

Important notice

Doing this will delete all custom data a plugin may have been added to the database, if the plugin contains SQL statements to remove this data from database on uninstall.

When updates of a plugin should remain the custom data, a special plugin file should be used, which does not contain these delete statements in the uninstall file. Also the installation file could contain only special ALTER TABLE statements. For more informations please show at "Plugin" page with informations about version specific update sql files.

Uninstall plugins

Every time the plugin manager uninstalls a plugin, it is removed from database restless, changes for backend navigation database tables inclusively!