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The Smarty wrapper provides a wrapper interface to use the Smarty template engine for CONTENIDO Backend and Frontend.

After installation of plugin smarty templates can be used in CONTENIDO modules or plugins.



//get smarty frontend or backend template object via singleton pattern
$tplFrontend = cSmartyBackend::getInstance();
$tplBackend = cSmartyFrontend::getInstance();

//assign some data and display template
$tplFrontend->assign("some_value_key", $some_value);


cSmartyBackendThis class contains smarty backend logic, this class should be used in CONTENIDO backend for the core implementation
cSmartyWrapperWrapper class fot the smarty templating engine
SmartyCore smarty class
SmartyBCCore smarty class
cSmartyFrontendThis class contains smarty frontend logic, this class should be used in modules, plugins for the frontend output


Please describe the implemented classes and the functionality to get a global client template. Also hold in mind, that the wrapper in modules (and plugins?) resolves the requested template path to the specific template folder.