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  • Testing Report CONTENIDO_4.10.0 PHP7.2
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  • (Fehler) css/index.php, js/index.php => CON-2797 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (Fehler) Groups || Users→ Areas, Content, Categories => CON-2789 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (Fehler) PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable CON-2799 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (Fehler) environment.php
  • (Fehler) PHP Warning:  chmod(): Operation not permitted in contenido/classes/class.filehandler.php on line 398 cCodeGeneratorStandard->generate()
  • (Fehler) I can't create a new language.  CON-2799 - Getting issue details... STATUS


New installation with example client

    With functions and data

    only with functions and no data

New installation without example client

General Tests

Please try to perform the following actions and check if they behave like expected for the backend and frontend

Content -> Articles

Create articleyes 

Set start article

Make article onlineyes 
Change templateyes 
Freeze articleyes 
Duplicate articleyes 

Edit article

(please see Content Types)

Edit article with activated TinyMCE4yes 
Edit article propertiesyes 
List content entriesyes 
Edit content list entryyes 
Delete content list entryyes 
Delete articleyes 
Edit template configurationyes 
Protect categoryyes 
Make category onlineyes 
Synchronize articleyes 
Synchronize categoryyes 

Content -> Category

Create new treeyes 
New categoryyes 
Rename categoryyes 
Set category on- or offlineyes 
Protect categoryyes 
Move category upyes 
Move category


 Only if category is not a root.
Move category downyes 
Duplicate categoryyes 
Configure categoryyes 
Frontent access


 (Info) only for frontend user
Delete categoryyes 

Content -> File manager

Create directoryyes 
Upload filesyes 
Modify file


 (Info) can modify properties, no file
Replace fileyes 
Multidelete filesyes 
Delete filesyes 
Remove directoryyes 

Content -> Translations

View translationsyes 
Add language

CON-2799 - Getting issue details... STATUS

To add a language to this view, select it and click the plus button.

A new row for the selected language should now appear in the list.
Edit translationsyes 

To edit a translation click on the pencil icon for a single language or for all languages.

The translations should now be displayed in textareas that can be edited and saved.

Style -> Layouts

Create layoutyes 
Modify layoutyes 
Synchronize layoutsyes 
Delete layoutyes 

Style -> Modules

Create moduleyes 

Edit module

(please see Content Types)

Synchronize modulesyes 
Manage historyyes 
Truncate history


 Will delete all eintries in history!
Translate modulesyes 
Delete moduleyes 

Style -> Templates

Create template yes 

Edit template

(please see Content Types)

Duplicate template yes 
Visual edit yes 
Delete template yes 

Style -> CSS

Create CSS yes 
Modify CSS yes 
Truncate history yes 
Delete CSS yes 

Style -> JavaScript

Create script

CON-2797 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Edit script yes 
Manage history yes 
Truncate history yes 
Delete script yes 

Style -> HTML

Create HTML template

CON-2797 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Modify HTML template yes 
Manage history yes 
Truncate history yes 
Delete HTML template yes 

Statistics -> Search Terms

Create search terms (with umlauts)  

Administration -> Users

Create User yes 
Edit user yes 
Set user rights

CON-2789 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Delete user yes 

Administration -> Groups

Create group yes 
Edit group yes 
Add group members yes 
Delete group members yes 
Set group rights

CON-2789 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Delete group yes 

Administration -> Languages

Create language

CON-2799 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Edit language yes 
Activate language yes 
Deactive language yes 
Delete language

CON-2799 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Administration -> Clients

Create clientyes 
Edit clientyes 
Create/Edit article specificationsyes 
Delete article specificationsyes 
Define default article specificationyes 
Save client settingyes 
Delete client settingyes 
Edit client settingyes 
Remove client(Warnung) Client folder will not be deleted! 

Administration -> Logs

Show logyes 

Administration -> Frontend

Create frontend user yes 
Save frontend user yes 
Add frontend user assignment ? 
Delete fronted user assignment ? 
Create frontend group yes 
Save frontend group yes 
Delete frontend group yes 
Delete frontend user yes 

Administration -> Plugin Manager

Run Plugin Manager yes 
Install plugin yes 
Delete plugin yes 

Neues Passwort? YES

Content Types

All content types need to be tested. This requires them to be used in a module which is assigend to a template and edited in an article.


    1. Input of HTML text should print HTML

    1. Input of HTML text should print HTML
    2. Create a new link to another CONTENIDO article (Should set a correct path in TinyMCE)
    3. Embed an image from the file manager

    1. Input of HTML text should print HTML plain
    2. Input of text with paragraphs should print text with line breaks

    1. Input of HTML text should print HTML plain
    2. Input of text with paragraphs should print text with line breaks

    1. Current date should be highlighted
    2. "Now" should select the current date and time
    3. Choosing a date and time should display the selected date with the right format in the input field.
    4. Saving with the green check mark should print the formatted date in the article.
    5. Changing the format should update the displayed date in the article.

    1. Automatic:
      1. Headlines with umlauts should print at the selected template place
      2. Change the sort order of the teaser
    2. Manual teaser: 
      1. Select articles from different categories
    3. Settings:
      1. Change the display style of the teaser
      2. Image scale: "Cut" should display different sections
      3. Change the content types to display different content in the teaser

    1. Directories:
      1. Select more than one directory
    2. General
      1. Try using headlines with umlauts
      2. Changing the sort order and sorting criteria
      3. Files from sub directories of the selected ones should be displayed if the checkbox is checked
      4. Meta data should be loaded and shortened if the checkbox is checked
    3. Filter:
      1. Filter files with file extensions and file sizes
    4. Manual:
      1. Select files to be included manually. Directories from the first tab should be ignored.

    1. Directories:
      1. Selecting a directory should display images on the right
      2. Selecting sub directories should display images
    2. Meta:
      1. Selecting a file should display its path and meta information
    3. Upload:
      1. Create a new directory with new files. Selection should preview the image
      2. Upload new files in the main directory
      3. Upload new files in a sub directory
      4. Selecting an existing file should display a preview
    4. Save image with the green check mark. It should be displayed in the article

    1. Checking "New window" should set LINKTARGET to display in a new window
    2. Changing the title should be reflected in LINKDESCR
    3. External:
      1. External links should link to external websites
    4. Internal:
      1. Internal links should be SEO optimized or contain a front_content.php link
    5. Link to a file:
      1. Create new directories with new files. Selecting should link to that file
      2. Upload new files to the main directory
      3. Upload new files to a sub directory
      4. Selecting an existing file should link to it
    6. Save content with green check mark

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