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Changes for CONTENIDO 4.9.1. Release date: 2013-10-16

T Key P Summary

Important changes

  • $cfg['version'] from now on reads the version number from the constant CON_VERSION, which is defined in startup.php.
  • The fsockopen() calls in the core got replaced by the new cHttpRequest class. More information can be found here.
  • The request validator checks the variable belang against a regular expression instead of a fixed set of locales.
  • The plugin system now supports an execution order, which can be set via backend or directly in database table plugins.
  • The function piUsEditFormAdditionalRows() now needs an forth parameter.
  • For connections with databases there is now full support for socket based connections.
  • A new frontend debugging was introduced. More information can be found here.
  • With the new auto installer function it is possible to install CONTENIDO automatically without any interaction via console.
  • The system property mail / encryption now explicitly expects a value "ssl" or "tls". Previously checked checkbox resulting in value "1" will automatically be interpreted as "ssl".
  • Comparison for effective setting values respects now also the type, the default value is returned when the setting would be false, an empty string or NULL.



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