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What is an article?

An article is actually the page of the website.

Articles in CONTENIDO

Articles in CONTENIDO are placed in backend under Content -> Articles.

On the screenshot above you can see the articles overview area with one start article. In this area you can perform several article related actions like create a new article, edit an existing article, toggle an articles online state, lock, move, duplicate, freeze an article, set start article and delete etc.

Article contains also another important areas like:


In article properties you can change article title or alias, make redirect, use time control to publish article, move to another category, get article link and more important actions.


In SEO area you can set all article relevant SEO tags like keyword, description, sitemap priority, robots etc.


In this area you can set article template. If no template is set in the article, then articles use their category template.


Editor area is most important area. Here you can change whole page content like headline, text, pictures etc.

Raw data:

In raw data area you can see all content types and their content in current article.

You can change content or remove raw content here.


In this area you can preview your changes. Preview shows you how your article look like in frontend of the website.

Article states

online/offlineIf article is online, it can be reached from frontend. Example: Its important if you generate link to article or doing something else, you should check that article is online, otherwise it won't be found and you will be redirected to the home or error page
locked/frozenIf article is locked, it can't be accessed or changed from other users in CONTENIDO backend
start articleStart article will be shown in frontend, when idart in the url is not set, so it is start article in category
searchableIf article is searchable it can be found through CONTENIDO search
redirectIf redirect is active, browser will follow the redirection url instead of loading current article