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What is a category?

A category is the logical division of the website.

Each category may contain one or more articles related to the same topic of your website.

Categories in CONTENIDO

Categories in CONTENIDO are placed in backend under Content -> Category.

On the screenshot above you can see the whole category tree structure of the website. In this area you can perform several category related actions like creation of new category, edit existing category, switch on and offline, lock, move up and down, duplicate and delete. The execution of actions is dependent on the current state of category. Blue icon actions are executable and grey are not.

  • Example1: you can't delete category which contains another categories or articles.
  • Example2: you can't move category to the top of subtree, because category is allready on top.

Category states

online/offlineif category in offline you can't reach it from frontend of the page.
protectect categoryif category is protected, you can't access it if you don't have rights, which are set through CONTENIDO right management.