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This page is related to CONTENIDO 4.9. Previous versions of CONTENIDO may have other system requirements or - for example - can not or only partly be used with other PHP versions. Also for older CONTENDIO versions you can look at version matrix for required PHP and MySQL version.

In order to use CONTENIDO with full functionality and without problems, there are several requirements that your system must fulfill.

PHP version

< 5.2.3

Won't work.

5.2.3 up to 5.3

Works with 4.9, 4.9.1, 4.9.2 and 4.9.3

Since CONTENIDO 4.9.4 PHP 5.3 or newer is required!

> 5.3Works fine with every 4.9.x version of CONTENIDO

PHP settings



"1"You can't upload files using CONTENIDO's file manager unless you configure PHP for file uploads. See for more information.
magic_quotes_runtimeOffCONTENIDO has been developed to comply with magic_quotes_runtime=Off and magic_quotes_sybase=Off as these are the PHP default settings.
max_execution_time>=30Configuring PHP for a maximum execution time of less than 30 seconds could cause problems with slow web servers and/or long operations in the backend. Our recommended execution time is 120 seconds on slow web servers, 60 seconds for medium ones and 30 seconds for fast web servers.
memory_limit>=32MBCONTENIDO requires at least 32 MB memory to operate correctly. We recommend to disable this setting completely, as this can cause problems with large CONTENIDO projects.

open_basedir directive doesn't enforce any restrictions

The directive open_basedir is set to '.' (e.g. current directory). This means that CONTENIDO is unable to access files in a logical upper level in the filesystem. This will cause problems managing the CONTENIDO frontends. Either add the full path of this CONTENIDO installation to the open_basedir directive, or turn it off completely.

Setup believes that the PHP directive open_basedir is configured sufficient, however, if you encounter errors like 'open_basedir restriction in effect. File <filename> is not within the allowed path(s): <path>', you have to adjust the open_basedir directive

Setup has checked your PHP open_basedir directive and reckons that it is not sufficient. Please change the directive to include the CONTENIDO installation or turn it off completely.

sql.safe_modeOffEnabling sql.safe_mode may cause problems with the SQL queries issued by CONTENIDO, so better turn it off.

PHP extensions

gdSome third-party modules rely on the GD functionality. If you don't enable the GD extension, you will encounter problems with modules like galleries.
pcreCONTENIDO uses PCRE-functions like preg_replace and preg_match and won't work without the PCRE extension.
xmlCONTENIDO won't work without the XML extension.
mbstringSince version 4.9.4, CONTENIDO additionally requires the mbstring extension to work.

PHP classes

ZipArchivezipThis class is used for module export. If it is missing, CONTENIDO still is able to run.
DOMDocumentxmlVarious classes regarding XML files use this class. CONTENIDO won't work without it.

PHP functions

CONTENIDO requires a set of functions that are essential but somtimes disabled either by using certain flags, when compiling the PHP iinterpreter, or by disabling functions in the PHP configuration file php.ini via the disable_functions directive.

escapeshellarg These functions are required to test if the CLI program convert, which is part of ImagMagick, is available.
iconviconvCONTENIDO won't work without the iconv function. PHP has probably been compiled with the --without-iconv parameter.


gdThis function is required to resize images when the ImageMagick program is not used.
imagecreatefromgifgdWhen GD lib is activated, it can support various image types. In order to resize or scale certain images, the image support (and therefore the corresponding function) must be available. If these functions are not avaiable, ImageMagick can be used. It could lead to problems, if neither GD nor ImageMagick are installed.
xml_parser_createxmlCONTENIDO won't work without it. Either the XML extension is not loaded or this function is disabled.

Other programs

MySQLMySQL is the database system of CONTENIDO. Also it must not run in strict mode as this can cause some problems.

ImageMagick is only needed if the GD lib extension is not available.


CONTENIDO requires to have write permissions in order to write some files.

These system folders and files need write permissions:

  • ROOT/data/logs/errorlog.txt
  • ROOT/data/logs/setuplog.txt
  • ROOT/data/logs/deprecatedlog.txt
  • ROOT/data/logs/exception.txt
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/pseudo-cron.log
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/session_cleanup.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/send_reminder.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/optimize_database.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/move_old_stats.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/move_articles.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/linkchecker.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/run_newsletter_job.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/setfrontenduserstate.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cronlog/advance_workflow.php.job
  • ROOT/data/cache
  • ROOT/data/temp
  • ROOT/data/config/config.php

It might be the best to enable write permissions for the whole data/ folder.


These client folders need write permissions:

  • ROOT/cms/cache
  • ROOT/cms/cache/code
  • ROOT/cms/css
  • ROOT/cms/data
  • ROOT/cms/data/layouts
  • ROOT/cms/data/logs
  • ROOT/cms/data/modules
  • ROOT/cms/data/version
  • ROOT/cms/data/version/css
  • ROOT/cms/data/version/js
  • ROOT/cms/data/version/layout
  • ROOT/cms/data/version/module
  • ROOT/cms/data/version/templates
  • ROOT/cms/js
  • ROOT/cms/templates
  • ROOT/cms/upload
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