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Comment: Test TinyMCE4


Please try to perform the following actions and check if they behave like expected for the backend and frontend

Content → Articles

Overview: Create article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Overview: Set as start article

(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Overview: Set article online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Overview: Freeze/Unfreeze article  (question) What should happen w/ a frozen article?
Overview: Duplicate article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Properties: Set as start article(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Properties: Set article online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Configuration: Change template(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Edit article

(please see Content Types)

Edit article with activated TinyMCE4(tick) Frederic Schneider 
Edit article properties(question) Marcus Gnaß (question) Where can this be done?
List content entries(tick) Marcus Gnaß (question) In "Raw data"?
Edit content list entry(error) Marcus Gnaß 

serverCONTENIDO - Issues

(question) In "Raw data"? (warning) Token {COMPRESSOR} is displayed

Delete content list entry

(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Delete article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Template

Edit category | Configure category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Online / Offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Lock / Unlock(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Synchronize article  
Synchronize category  

Content → Category → Overview


Create new category

  • Category is a tree
  • Category is not a tree
(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Edit category

  • Categoryname
  • Alias
  • Configure
(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Set category online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Protect category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category up(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category down(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Duplicate category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Frontent access  
Delete category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Content → File manager

Create directory(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Upload files(tick) Marcus Gnaß (warning) navi is not updated after upload of file
Modify file(question) Marcus Gnaß (question) Where can this be done?
Replace file(tick) Frederic Schneider 
Multidelete files(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete files(question) Marcus Gnaß (question) How to delete a file w/o "Multidelete"?
Remove directory(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Content → Translations

View translations(error) Marcus Gnaß 

[20-Nov-2018 15:00:49 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /var/www/contenido/contenido/includes/include.con_translate.php on line 97
[20-Nov-2018 15:00:49 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
[20-Nov-2018 15:00:49 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/contenido/contenido/main.php:0
[20-Nov-2018 15:00:49 UTC] PHP 2. include_once() /var/www/contenido/contenido/main.php:204
[20-Nov-2018 15:00:49 UTC] PHP 3. cGuiScrollListAlltranslations->sort() /var/www/contenido/contenido/includes/include.con_translate.php:694

Edit translations  

Content → Linkchecker


Style → Layouts

Create layout(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Modify layout(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Synchronize layouts(tick) Marcus Gnaß takes to long .. same problem as w/ modules?
Delete layout(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Style → Modules

Create module(tick) Marcus Gnaß Freshly created modules are not synchronized?

Edit module

(please see Content Types)

(error) Marcus Gnaß 

serverCONTENIDO - Issues

(warning) After selecting a module the navigation area is updated and the selction is lost.

Synchronize modules(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Manage history
Truncate history
Translate modules
Delete module(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Style → Templates

Create template  

Edit template

(please see Content Types)

Duplicate template  
Visual edit  
Delete template  

Style → CSS

Create CSS  
Modify CSS  
Truncate history  
Delete CSS  

Style → JavaScript

Create script  
Edit script  
Manage history  
Truncate history  
Delete script  

Style → HTML

Create HTML template  
Modify HTML template  
Manage history  
Truncate history  
Delete HTML template  

Statistics → Search Terms

Create search terms (with umlauts)  

Administration → Users

Create User  
Edit user  
Set user rights  
Delete user  

Administration → Groups

Create group  
Edit group  
Add group members  
Delete group members  
Set group rights  
Delete group  

Administration → Languages

Create language  
Edit language  
Activate language  
Deactive language  
Delete language  

Administration → Clients

Create client  
Edit client  
Create/Edit article specifications  
Delete article specifications  
Define default article specification  
Save client setting  
Delete client setting  
Edit client setting  
Remove client  

Administration → Logs

Show log  

Administration → Frontend

Create frontend user  
Save frontend user  
Add frontend user assignment  
Delete fronted user assignment  
Create frontend group  
Save frontend group  
Delete frontend group  
Delete frontend user  

Administration → Plugin Manager

Run Plugin Manager  
Install plugin  
Delete plugin  

Content Types