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Code Block
// open dialog
var diag ={
    title: 'Your window title',
    url: 'url/to/load',
}, {
    oneCustomParameter: false

// handle close event of dialog
diag.on('close', function() {
    var args = ed.windowManager.getParams();
    // your code here

Update to latest Minor-Release


To Update TinyMCE to the latest Minor-Version, download latest TinyMCE from here

You could also download languagepack if needed

Extract & Update

After downloading, unzip folder. You should now have a Folder named tinymce

Go to your contenido folder and browse to

Code Block

Rename tinymce to tinymce_backup just to have a backup, in case somethings not working.

Copy/Upload the extracted folder to the previously browsed path so you have a new tinymce folder in your server stucture.


Be sure you have the right tinymce activated


Be sure to clear your browsercache after doing these changes