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Get a copy of the latest download release archive from the website Do not use other sources for downloads! Unzip the archive to a destination of your choice on your computer.



Because the download package contains a example client, you must delete all corresponding files for it. Please make sure you are performing the following deletions only in the downloaded new version.

Delete the following resources in folder cms of the downloaded, newer versions archive file content:

  • Every file in
    • css
    • images
    • js
    • templates
    • upload
  • Every directory (but not the listed directory itself!) in
    • data/modules
    • data/layouts
  • favicon.ico
  • robots.txt

Prepare client folder(s) for upgrade


If the upgrade process was successful, try to login into the backend with your previous password. Please delete any content of your browser cache before to avoid display problems.

If you have installed custom plugins in the system, it may occur, that the backend header displays an error message. As long the plugins must be ported to the new plugin syntax (see below) these errors should be fixed then.

When you encountered any problems during update, please have a look into our support forum on Maybe other persons did have the same problem and you can find a solution for this problem there.


Every time an update removes deprecated functionality (such as an upgrade from version 4.8) you must check your modules and plugins for outdated functionality. If you do not, backend and frontend will behave uncorrectly.

If the version you are upgrading to has any removed outdated functionality you can check in the Changelog area. For upgrade from version 4.8 please have a look at this page.

Please keep in mind, that plugins have other structure in version 4.9 and may not work immediately after update. It belongs to the plugin author to advise you what to do on upgrading the system.

Cleaning up and finish upgrade