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tinymcecontent_cssDefines the stylesheet to include within tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-stylesheet-file).System, Groups, Users
tinymcetheme_advanced_stylesDefines the available styles in the tinyMCE style dropdown (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-styles)System, Groups, Users
tinymcewidthDefines the width of tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-width, default 100%)System, Groups, Users
tinymceheightDefines the height if tinyMCE (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height, default 480px)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_height_htmlOverrides the tinyMCE height when editing the CMS_HTML element (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height-html)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_height_headOverrides the tinyMCE height when editing the CMS_HTMLHEAD element (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-height-head)System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_gzipIf set to "true" use gzip compression. The server has to provide the compression method. Default: "false"System, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_toolbar_modeDefines the tinyMCE toolbar mode (default "full"). Available choices: full, simple, mini, custom (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-toolbar-mode)System, Groups, Users
Defines which items should be shown on the first/second/third toolbar. Please have a look at the tinyMCE documentation to find out which items you can use (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-toolbar1/2/3). Only used if the toolbar mode is "custom".System, Groups, Users
tinymcepluginsDefines which plugins should be loaded (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-plugins). Only used if the toolbar mode is "custom".System, Groups, Users
tinymcevalid_elementsDefines which elements are allowed. See tinyMCE documentation for more information (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-valid-elements).
Default: +a[name|href|target|title],strong/b[class],em/i[class],strike[class],u[class], p[dir|class|align],ol,ul,li,br,img[class|src|border=0|alt|title|hspace|vspace|width|height|align], sub,sup,blockquote[dir|style],table[border=0|cellspacing|cellpadding|width|height|class|align], tr[class|rowspan|width|height|align|valign],td[dir|class|colspan|rowspan|width|height|align|valign], div[dir|class|align],span[class|align],pre[class|align],address[class|align],h1[dir|class|align], h2[dir|class|align],h3[dir|class|align],h4[dir|class|align],h5[dir|class|align],h6[dir|class|align],hr
System, Groups, Users
tinymceextended_valid_elementsDefined which elements are allowed. These elements are added to valid_elements (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-extended-valid-elements).
Default: form[name|action|method],textarea[name|style|cols|rows],input[type|name|value|style|onclick], a[name|href|target|title|onclick],img[class|src|border=0|alt|title|hspace|vspace|width|height|align|onmouseover|onmouseout|name], hr[class|width|size|noshade],font[face|size|color|style],span[class|align|style]
System, Groups, Users

This setting will be removed in version 4.9.7.

Defines the tinyMCE background color (any valid CSS color value can be used). If you use an HTML hex color code, also include the # sign before the color (e.g. #ffffff). Default is "white" (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-backgroundcolor).

System, Groups, Users
tinymceconvert_urls(true, false): Defines, if URLs will be converted (e.g. to relative URLs) at all. Please note, that URLs should be converted (e.g. for the time you may have to change the domain or server path). Default: true (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-convert-urls)System, Clients, Groups, Users
tinymcerelative_urls(true, false): If convert_urls is true, then this setting specifies, if URLs will be converted to relative or absolute URLs. Please note, that relative URLs should be used (e.g. for the time you may have to change the domain or server path). Default: true (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-relative-urls)System, Clients, Groups, Users
tinymcecontenido_listsIf specified, adds dropdown lists with links for all articles (Insert Link popup window), images (Insert Image popup window) and/or all media/flash files (Insert Media/Flash popup window). Valid values are: link, image, media, flash. Values have to be separated by a comma, e.g. "link,image".

Do not specify, if you have a lot of articles, images and/or media files (<= V4.6.15: wysiwyg/tinymce-lists).
System, Groups, Users