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Comment: Hinweis Mail-Server


Solved errors for modules of the example client weren’t respected at upgrade mode. The module directory remains in the state before your CONTENIDO update. Thus we prevent that your individual module modifications are overwritten. The up-to-date modules are located at setup/data/examples/data/modules of CONTENIDO directory structure. If you want to upgrade your modules of the example client, please overwrite the old module directories at your server with the new module directories. But please consider, perhaps you will lost your modifications.


titleVersion notice

This is only relevant if you use CONTENIDO version 4.9.13 or newer

CONTENIDO configures automaticly "SMTP" as transport type for your mails. But before it works, you have to configure the login informations at backend. Please go to the menu item "System" and "Configuration" to configure your SMTP mail server. If you do not want to use SMTP as mail transport type, you can choose alternatively "PHP mail".