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Create new category

  • Category is a tree
  • Category is not a tree
(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Edit category

  • Categoryname
  • Alias
  • Configure
(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Set category online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Protect category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category up(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Move category down(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Duplicate category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Frontent access (question) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 


Create language (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit language (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Activate language (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Deactive language (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete language (tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Administration → Clients

Create client (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit client (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Create/Edit article specifications (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete article specifications (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Define default article specification (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Save client setting (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete client setting (tick) Marcus Gnaß (warning) No confirmation!
Edit client setting (tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Remove client (tick) Marcus Gnaß (warning) Client folder wil not be deleted!

Administration → Logs

Show log (tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Administration → System





Integrität(error) Marcus Gnaß

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[10-Dec-2018 15:09:04 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
[10-Dec-2018 15:09:04 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/contenido/contenido/main.php:0
[10-Dec-2018 15:09:04 UTC] PHP 2. include_once() /var/www/contenido/contenido/main.php:204
[10-Dec-2018 15:09:04 UTC] PHP 3. cSystemtest->runTests() /var/www/contenido/contenido/includes/include.system_integrity.php:20
[10-Dec-2018 15:09:04 UTC] PHP 4. cSystemtest->testPHPVersion() /var/www/contenido/contenido/classes/class.systemtest.php:283


Administration → Frontend

Create frontend user  
Save frontend user  
Add frontend user assignment  
Delete fronted user assignment  
Create frontend group  
Save frontend group  
Delete frontend group  
Delete frontend user