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Overview: Create article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Overview: Set as start article

(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Overview: Set article online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Overview: Freeze/Unfreeze article  

(question) What should happen w/ a frozen article?

Der User, der keine Berechtigung hat, darf den Artikel nichts ändern.

Overview: Duplicate article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Properties: Set as start article(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Properties: Set article online/offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Configuration: Change template(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Edit article (please see Content Types)

Edit article with activated TinyMCE4 Frederic Schneider 
Edit article properties(question) Marcus Gnaß (question) Where can this be done?
List content entries

(tick) Marcus Gnaß

 (question) In "Raw data"?
Edit content list entry(Haken) Marcus Gnaß 

Delete content list entry

(tick) Marcus Gnaß

Delete article(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Template

Edit category | Configure category(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Online / Offline(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit category | Lock / Unlock(tick) Marcus Gnaß 

Synchronize article  
Synchronize category  


Create client(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Edit client(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Create/Edit article specifications(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete article specifications(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Define default article specification(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Save client setting(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Delete client setting(tick) Marcus Gnaß (warning) (Warnung) No confirmation!
Edit client setting(tick) Marcus Gnaß 
Remove client(tick) Marcus Gnaß (warning) (Warnung) Client folder wil not be deleted!






Integrität(error) (Fehler) Marcus Gnaß

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