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  • Upgrade from CONTENIDO 4.8 to 4.9

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This page guides you through an upgrade of CONTENIDO from CONTENIDO 4.8 to 4.9. For an installation, please have a look at this guide.


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titleVersion infonotice

This feature is available since is only relevant if you use CONTENIDO version 4.9.5.

You can force utf8-encoding at CONTENIDO 4.9 if you set constant CON_UTF8 at configuration file config.php, section 3 (at the end of this file):

Code Block
<?php (...) /* Section 3: UTF-8 flag * ---------------------------- * * Setting for UTF-8 flag * * @since CONTENIDO version 4.9.5 */ define('CON_UTF8', true); ?>

13 or newer

CONTENIDO configures automaticly "SMTP" as transport type for your mails. But before it works, you have to configure the login informations at backend. Please go to the menu item "System" and "Configuration" to configure your SMTP mail server. If you do not want to use SMTP as mail transport type, you can choose alternatively "PHP mail".