Content type CMS_FILELIST provides selection and configuration of files in CONTENIDO backend and output files with preview in frontend of the page.

To use CMS_FILELIST put the code below in your output modul section.

The name CMS_FILELIST specifies which content type should be used and [1] is the index of headline. The index must be integer value.

If you are using more then one CMS_FILELIST per article, you have to change/increment index of the next CMS_FILELIST .

echo "CMS_FILELIST[1]";
echo "CMS_FILELIST[100]";

1. Configuration

The configuration of CMS_FILELIST is splitted in four different sections.

To configure filelist click on the blue filelist icon(see screenshot below).

In the first tab Directories you can select one or multiple directories from the upload folder.

After selection you can save selection by clicking on green checkbox or cancel selection by clicking on red cross icon.

In the second tab General you can set all content type general settings.

In the third tab Filter you can define different filters.

In the last tab Manual you can manually define files. To use this setting you have to check use manual file list. After that you will see configuration area.

Configuration area consists of two parts. Existing files and add file. To add file select directory with a click and then choose file which is placed in this directory.

After selection click on blue plus icon. The file will be added to the existing files. To finish configuration click on green check icon or cancel by clicking on red cross icon.

2. Filelist template

Teaser templates are high customisable. To view teaser templates  go to style -> html.

The name of teaser templates begins with cms_filelist_style and contains html markup with cTemplate placeholdern, which are filled by content type(see example below).

<h2 class="download_list">{TITLE}</h2>
<ul class="download_list">
    <!-- BEGIN:BLOCK -->
        <img src="{FILETHUMB}" />
        <div class="content">
            <span class="info">{FILEMETA_COPYRIGHT}</span>
            <ul class="formats">
                    <a href="{FILELINK}" >{FILEEXTENSION} ({FILESIZE})</a>
        <div class="clear"></div>
    <!-- END:BLOCK -->
<div class="clear"></div>

The code between <!-- BEGIN:BLOCK --> and <!-- END:BLOCK --> will be executed more then once. It depends how much file entries you have.

Possible placeholder which you can use are:

Methods for CMS_FILELIST

List all methods for CMS_FILELIST at our API documentation.

Function nameDescription
generateViewCode()Generates the code which should be shown if this content type is shown in the frontend.
generateFileListCode()Function is called in edit- and viewmode in order to generate code for output.
generateEditCode()Generates the code which should be shown if this content type is edited.
generateFileSelect()Generate a select box containing all files for the manual tab.