You will find here a list of the modules and their functions of the new example client in CONTENIDO 4.9.

Maybe you want to provide more information about the modules? Feel free to add some documentation.

You will find more information about certain modules by clicking on "more" in the last column of this table.

ModuleTypeShort descriptionMore information
config_copyright_noticeconfigConfiguration of the copyright notice in the footer-
config_social_mediaconfigSocial media configuratormore
content_copyright_noticecontentOutput of the copyright notice in the footermore
content_datecontentRepresentation of the an actual timestamp in configurable formats-
content_download_listcontentRepresentation of a configurable download listmore
content_fb_embeddedpostcontentDisplays embedded Facebook post-
content_header_firstcontentConfigurable h1 element in an article-

Configurable h2 element in an article


Representation of a configurable image element

content_link_listcontentRepresentation of a configurable link-
content_map_google-Google maps integration with a configurable marker-
content_picture_gallerycontentPicture gallery with configurable content-
content_rss_creatorcontentRepresentation of a configurable rss source-
content_search_resultscontentImplementation of the CONTENIDO search with output of the search resultsmore
content_sitemap_html-Representation of a configurable html sitemapmore
content_sitemap_xml-Configurable xml sitemapmore
content_socialmedia_facebook-Facebook integration with configurable layoutmore
content_socialmedia_googleplus-Representation of a configurable googleplus integrationmore
content_socialmedia_twittercontentRepresentation of a configurable twitter integration via linked icon-
content_socialmedia_xingcontentXing profile link buttonmore
content_teaser_config-configuration for content_teaser_image module-
content_teaser_imagecontentRepresentation of an image teaser-
content_teaser_slidercontentRepresentation of a sliding element-
content_teaser_textcontentRepresentation of a text teaser-
content_textcontentStandard text element in an article-
content_userforumcontentRepresentation of a comment system for articlesmore
form_contact-Output of the pifa contact form-
form_logincontentOutput of the login/logout formmore
form_newsletter_subscriptioncontentOutput of the newsletter subscription form-
head_title-Output of the head title-
layout_logolayoutOutput of the CONTENIDO logo-
navigation_bottomnavigationBottom navigationmore
navigation_breadcrumb-Breadcrumb navigation-
navigation_lang_changerNavigationLanguage changer-
navigation_mainnavigationMain navigationmore
navigation_searchform_topnavigationSearch inputmore
navigation_social_medianavigationOutput of the social media links in the footer area-
navigation_topnavigationTop navigationmore
script_cookie_directive-Output of the cookie directive (cookie notification)-
script_fb_channel-Improvements of the JS SDK-
script_fb_sdkscriptFacebook Software Development Kit-
script_tracker_googlescriptGoogle Analytics-
script_tracker_piwikscriptPiwik Tracker-

More information about certain modules


This module provides the functionality to build links for the following social media sites in the footer area:

The links can be defined in the backend editor mode.


The module performs a search and displays the search results.

Client settings:

TypeNameDefaul valueDescription
searchableidcats1Define searchable category node


This module provides the integration of the standard like button and the larger like box. The like box shows additional information about the people who already liked your site.

A further feature is the possibility to include public posts from a facebook site.


This module provides the Google Plus button in different sizes. In the backend editor mode you can choose if you want to rate for your Google Plus site or for the actual article.


This module supports the twitter timeline. You can define the following settings in the backend editor mode:


The content_userforum module can be used to allow comments of articles. The backend editor mode can be used to define the following settings:

Client settings:

TypeNameDefault valueDescription
userforummailfrominfo@contenido.orgDefault mailfrom address


This module has to be set to the position in the layout where you want to enable search input from users. The module will redirect after the input to the search result page (specified at client settings).

Client settings:

TypeNameDefault valueDescription
navigation_searchform_topsearch_result_idart20Article ID of search results page


This module can be used to generate a bottom navigation.

Client settings:

TypeNameDefault valueDescription
navigation_bottomidcat4Define the root category for the bottom navigation


This module can be used to generate a top navigation.

Client settings:

TypeNameDefault valueDescription

Define the category depth for the top navigation

navigation_topidcat39Define the root category for the top navigation


This module can be used to generate a main navigation.

Client settings:

TypeNameDefault valueDescription
navigation_maindepth3Define the category depth for the main navigation
navigation_mainidcat1Define the root category for the main navigation


This module generates output of the frontend login/logout form.

Client settings:


Default value

loginidart1Define the redirect article after the login